Kyrie Irving Calls Out LeBron James During Celtics Press Conference

Kyrie Irving Blasts LeBron James, Cavs During His Time In Cleveland

Well, it doesn’t look like LeBron James and Kyrie Irving will be exchanging Christmas cards anytime in the near future.

What was already a rumored rocky relationship turned a bit more sour this afternoon during Kyrie Irving’s introductory press conference with the Boston Celtics.

While Irving didn’t call out King James or the Cavs by name, he wasn’t exactly sub-tweeting either:

Needless to say, there doesn’t appear to be any love lost between Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.

Perhaps there was some fire to that smoke about LeBron sleeping with one of Kyrie’s ex-girlfriends.

LeBron James Allegedly Slept With Kyrie Irving’s Girlfriend According To His Stepdad

As if the Cavs-Celtics games this upcoming season weren’t going to be must-watch already, now we might see some actual blood spilled on the floor.

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