Lonzo Ball Says Nas Sucks, Best Rappers Of All-Time Are Future And Migos

You probably didn’t need any additional reasons to dislike the Ball family, but Lonzo Ball has decided to give you.

Despite the fact that Lonzo seems to be the quietest of the family, the Los Angeles Lakers talent continues to make waves with his questionable rap music knowledge.

The former UCLA standout already made waves with his ‘top five rappers’ post on Twitter and none he’s done so again, this time blasting rap icon and legend Nas.

Ball was recently in New York when somebody off camera, during an interview, suggested that they were going to get the basketball star to listen to some ‘real hip-hop’.

Lonzo replied ‘that’s not gonna happen; don’t nobody listen to Nas anymore’.

Man, I don’t even want to know what he thinks about Biggie, Pac, Outkast or UGK.

Watch the cringe worthy interview below:

Well, it’s not ALL bad. At least Lonzo Ball has a hot girlfriend…

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Frank White

Written by Frank White

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