Mia Khalifa Trolled Kevin Durant Over Getting Caught With Twitter Burner Account

Nothing Like A Little Mia Khalifa Troll Session

By now you’ve probably heard NBA superstar Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors got busted for having a burner Twitter account.

KD was caught trying to use his fake persona account to defend himself along with his decision to leave behind Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

And of course, in typical fashion, Mia Khalifa had to troll the All-Star.

Troll she did.

She kept going…

As if Kevin Durant’s day wasn’t going bad enough after getting trolled by the former porn star, it looks like the basketball star also had a burner Instagram account where he blasted guys like LeBron James and argued with 15-year-old fans about who was better.

Anybody who has followed Kevin Durant on Twitter since his early days in the league know that he can certainly be an interesting follow, so it’s not exactly shocking to see his burner account getting busted.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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