Adult Star Offers To Give LA Lakers Sexual Favors If They Win Enough Games

Sadie Santana

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generic amoxicillin over the counter Remember a while back when Sadie Santana suggested she’d give all the Los Angeles Lakers (looks like you missed out, Kobe Bryant) oral if they won 47-games?

It was a pretty popular story back when it happened, but the struggling Los Angeles Lakers didn’t hit their mark and have only went downhill since that time. Still, there continues to be talk about Sadie Santana and her Lakers BJ offer, so much so that Santana took to the KarenLee Porter Show to talk about the suggestion she made on Twitter.

That wasn’t the only thing Sadie Santana talked to KarenLee Porter about as the two dished on other oral tips, Santana’s fantasies and more.

We highly suggest you stop reading and get to watching.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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