Steph Curry And Ayesha Curry Talk About Joining The Mile High Club

Ayesha Curry

Are you a member of the Mile High Club? Two-time NBA MVP and Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry might be, at least, according to HBO’s hit show Ballers.

Curry guest starred on the first episode of season 3 which included a rather funny exchange between Stephen Curry and Spencer Strasmore, played by Dwyane Johnson AKA The Rock.

Strasmore: “Steph Curry, the baby-faced assassin, what’s going on brother?”

Steph Curry: “Wad up Spency-Spence, Spency-boo, what’s going on? Hey, me and Ayesha got a couple days off. We’re going down to The Albany in The Bahamas.”

Ayesha Curry: “Hey Spence. Grab a girl, come with us.”

Strasmore: “Hey, well I’ll tell you right now Ayesha I’m a little light on travel companions these days.”

Ayesha Curry: “Spence, don’t play me. You know I saw you on your game the other night at International Smoke — buy one get one hot wing Tuesday, or in your case hot girl Tuesday.”

Steph Curry: “Ha. Gotcha. Nothing gets past my girl at that restaurant Spence.”

Strasmore: “I heard that, but brother, listen, I am in timeout. It’s a very sad, but true story.”

Steph Curry: “Hey, well listen. We’ll be in Miami for the night — we should get together and do something.”

Strasmore: “Would love to. Name the time and place.”

Steph Curry: “We could even talk some business, too. You know, my Slyce digital media company.”

Strasmore: “Love it. I’m beyond excited. I will see you tonight. You hit me when you touch down. Safe travels.”

Before the scene ends, Steph looks at Ayesha and says:

“You thought it was a date night. I’m trying to get you in the Mile High Club,” as the two walk up the plane stairs.

Ayesha’s reaction concludes the Curry’s appearance on the hit TV show…

A laugh and “Oh my God...”

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Written by Frank White

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