Andrew Luck Still Can’t Throw A Football But He Is JACKED (Photos) antibiotic azithromycin OTC

metronidazole OTC buy now Remember that skinny kid out of Stanford that, many moons ago, long before Western Civilization was formed, played quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts?

Yeah, him. Well he looks a little different these days.

It’s been over a year (going on two, really) since Andrew Luck stepped on an NFL field, and the last time he did, he didn’t exactly look like the second coming of THOR.

But my, how things have changed.

Like a dude who had nothing else better to do in prison.

Of course, all that added muscle and weight gain isn’t doing much to help him in a return to the field as there are still reports suggesting Andrew Luck is having trouble throwing a football.

For what it’s worth, the Indianapolis Colts still believe their franchise quarterback will make a return eventually, but are still playing everything cautiously.

On the plus side, Luck has been spotted at OTA’s and even had his signal caller jersey on.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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