No Football Fans Showed Up For The Chargers – Rams ‘Fight For LA’ Game

The Attendance For The Rams – Chargers Game Was Laughable

While we can understand why the NFL wanted to return to Los Angeles, it was pretty obvious the only two routes were either an expansion franchise or a relocation of the Oakland Raiders.

Nobody wanted the then St. Louis Rams. And certainly nobody wanted then San Diego Chargers.

So what did The Shield do? Give LA both of the castoff football franchises.

Apparently, that’s proven to be a rather poor move thus far as football fans are completely ignoring both the Rams and Chargers.

The Bolts opened up their home preseason schedule last week to a laughable attendance figure in Carson and it didn’t get much better when the Rams hosted the Chargers at the Coliseum this past Sunday in the ‘Fight for LA’ game.

The Rams say upwards of 58,000 tickets were sold, but anybody with a set of eyes – maybe even one – could tell that was a load of bologna.

For what it’s worth, the Philadelphia Eagles had an open practice last week and had over 60,000 people attend.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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