Jessie James Decker Calls Out The Titans For Not Throwing Her Husband The Ball

I don’t think many will disagree that Jessie James Decker is a total smokeshow. I mean, the girl is hot like fire.

But I’m not sure that gives you carte blanche to calls out the NFL team who employs your husband, Eric Decker, because he isn’t getting the ball enough.

I mean, let’s be honest – the Tennessee Titans aren’t exactly overflowing with talent at the wide receiver position. So it shouldn’t be that difficult for Eric Decker to get some passes thrown his way, especially when they’re coming off the finger tips of Marcus Mariota.

Yet, averaging just 32-yards per game, Decker continues to struggle – something he has done for a few years in a row.

And that, my friends, is the end of football chatter around here because frankly, we just wanted a reason to post some Jessie James Decker pictures.

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