Hot Model Christina Ochoa Gets Naked & Afraid On Instagram

Christina Ochoa

So you’re a hot model, who’s mildly popular, but you’re looking for more exposure. What’s a good way to do such? Drop your clothes? Perhaps, though that won’t be enough considering social media is full of such. You need a little extra pzazz.

What about documenting your own Naked & Afraid style adventure, based off the popular Discovery Channel television show? Perfect.

That’s exactly what model and actress Christina Ochoa decided to do and the end result was rather interesting, though, pretty staged looking. Now, I wasn’t in the outback so I can’t say how real their survival attempt was (keep in mind they did it for 24 hours, not 21 days like the TV show) and couldn’t even last the full length of time.

They probably could have done so, but according to the photos, Christina Ochoa’s partner was bit in the leg by a snake. You can judge for yourself if you think this is a real snake bite victim or not:

Either way, it’s pretty clear that the ‘adventure’ worked perfectly as it has created a massive buzz on social media.

Maybe next time we’ll see a model/actress in need of some publicity wrestle an alligator or swim with great white sharks, eh?

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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