Girl With One Arm Has The Best Halloween Costume Of All-Time

What’s a girl with one arm to do when it comes to her Halloween costume? Totally play up the situation, of course.

And that’s what 21-year-old Lauren decided to do.

If the brunette looks familiar, that’s because she recently went viral thanks to her rather amazing and hilarious Tinder profile.

Now she’s back, gracing the internet with more awesomeness.

So, you’re probably wondering what type of Halloween costume Lauren came up with, right?

It’s of course a decapitated arm.

She spoke to UniLad about the awesome Halloween costume:

I bought like this $4 effects makeup kit and some gauze and just threw it on last night.

I walked through my living room last night with it on and my roommate had a friend over and they both almost had a heart attack.

People seem to be a fan of the Halloween costume.

This is the first year I’ve done anything cool since losing an arm.

I guess it was practice i was just trying it out. I’m going to do it on Halloween but I’m going to use better makeup.

I can’t even cook myself dinner with two arms, let alone craft something like that with makeup. Impressive.

You can check out her Halloween costume after the jump.

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Written by Frank White

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