Hot Girl Catfishes Thirsty Dude So Her Boyfriend Can Go HAM

Tip for all you thirsty men on social media. That hot girl you’re trying to talk to? She doesn’t want to see your junk. In fact, she’d probably rather have 25 HIV infected needles jammed into her eyelid than look at your dick.

So if a hot girl decides to actually respond to that thirsty direct message and asks to see a picture of your wingding?

Just know that it’s a trap.

Unfortunately for this particular Twitter user, he learned that the hard way.

It all started when the horny dude attempted to message ‘Lauren’ who was minding her business on social media. She told her boyfriend, ‘Ian’, that this dude continued to harass her online.

She could have blocked him, but he’d probably just make a new account.

So she decided to write him back and even offered him a picture.

Excited, he gave up his info in hopes of seeing her kibbles and bits.

But that’s not what he got – not at all.

That’s because ‘Ian’ decided to send this thirsty dude a picture of his raging hard dick instead of his girlfriend in an epic reverse catfish move.


The irritating thirsty dude hasn’t written ‘Lauren’ back since.

You can view the entire Twitter exchange after the jump.

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Frank White

Written by Frank White

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