McDonald’s Adding Sweet Potato Fries To Menu?

Most would agree that McDonald’s is famous for their fries – at least the old version of their fries that were so tasty before they started to get all health conscious.

Not that fried potatoes are healthy or anything, but you know what I mean.

Anyway, it seems as if they’re going to be introducing a new line of fries to their menu – assuming everything goes well in the testing phase – because McDonald’s is thinking about adding sweet potato fries to their lineup.

Per Eater:

All-day breakfast is so two weeks ago, and McDonald’s may be planning another big debut: sweet potato fries. The chain has served sweet potato-based sides at locations around the world, but never before in the U.S. If a tweet from the official McDonald’s Texas Panhandle account is any indication, that could change soon. In an email to Eater, a McDonald’s spokesperson confirmed the new side is getting a trial run: “Sweet potato fries are being tested in some Create Your Taste test restaurants in Amarillo, and we’re gathering valuable customer feedback on them.”

How say you, fast food fans? You going to go with the McDonald’s sweet potato fries? Or you going to remain a traditionalist and stay with the golden brown?

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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