Residents Angry Over ‘Sex-Crazed’ Hotel In New York City

The Public Hotel Has Been Hit With Over 300 Public Indecency Warnings

When the Public hotel opened in the Lower East Side, builder Ian Schrager probably didn’t think putting floor-to-ceiling windows in each room would be a big deal. I mean, it’s done in Las Vegas all the time.

But New York isn’t Las Vegas and now the swanky hotel is getting hit with tons of public indecency warnings thanks to what the NY Post is calling oversexed guests.

According to The Post, guests at the Public have been using the absurdly large hotel room windows to their advantage by not only flashing residents and tourists in the area, but by also masturbating and having sex.

“Guys are together, girls and girls are together. They don’t even pull the shades down,” fumed Leonor Fernandez, 68, who said her grandkids visit her at her 10 Stanton St. apartment several times a week.

The randy guests don’t just get down in beds with the blinds open, either — they’re doing it right up against the windows, residents said.

“You see them having sex all the time, hands on the window,” said Melissa Santos, a 26-year-old dental assistant who lives in Fernandez’s building. “Not like I’m a peeping Tom, but from the corner of my eye, you can see this going on four times a week.”

If you’re wondering, room rates are about $225 a night in the 28-story hotel.

But it sounds like standing outside on the sidewalk or renting a room across the street is the much better deal.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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