Teacher Arrested For Sleeping With 4 Of Her Students; 2 In Same Night

Remember when that teacher decided to let some of her students run a train on her in the middle of school hours?

It’s hard to get more brazen than that, though, 25-year-old Jessie Lorene Goline is certainly trying her best.

That’s because Goline was arrested and charged after she was accused of sleeping with four of her students, two of them in the same night.

Goline, 25, faces one count of first-degree sexual assault, Arkansas Online reported. Four students — three from Marked Tree School District and one from East Poinsett County School District — allegedly had sex with Goline, who was a teacher at Marked Tree High School, from January to April 2016, according to Arkansas Online. Goline reportedly contacted the students via text message, which, according to court documents, “became more and more sexual in nature.”

Clearly, I went to high school in the wrong decade.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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