Woman Flashes Her Boobs In Road Rage Incident (Video)

Well, Aren’t Those Some Nice Headlights

I haven’t been involved in too many road rage incidents, though, of the few I’ve experienced I’ve never had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of boobs. The same can’t be said for this fellow, who apparently rear ended a woman and was then flashed.

It all took place in Las Vegas (of course it did) when the woman, upset after getting hit, stepped out of her car, began yelling at the man and then lifted up her shirt to expose her breasts which he then attempted to upload to YouTube.

“She was using the emergency lane to bypass traffic. She was almost hitting cars That’s when she tried to cut in front of me and that’s when it happened,” said Adrian Rodriguez, the driver who accidentally hit the flasher. “She was angry for a little bit, then she calmed down. Then she got angry. She went behind my truck, took a picture of my plates.”

According to Rodriguez, the woman initially attempted to pull down her pants, but opted to then take off her shirt because his truck was lifted and nobody could see what she was doing when she tried to remove her pants.

Now, it’s been said there are no such things as bad boobs, but there certainly are crazy boobs and I’d probably try to avoid those like the plague.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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