Ariana Grande Changed Her Locks After Breaking Up With Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for comic Pete Davidson, who despite getting engaged just months earlier to singer Ariana Grande, is now looking for a new place to live after being dumped by the pint-sized musician.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Davidson, who says he still holds out hope the two will get back together, can’t even pick up his belongings from Grande’s high-rise apartment as she reportedly had the locks changed just days after the two decided to pull the plug on their relationship.

Per Radar:

Grande, 25, swapped out the locks on their $16 million love shack because she no longer desires Davidson, 24, for support after their brutal breakup. “Ariana is going through a very rough time right now and she has the absolute support of her family and friends,” revealed the pal.

“She has a lot of work to do on herself and she is in the process of healing and recovering from the breakup,” the insider said of Grande, who purchased the whopping 4,000 square ft apartment with Davidson in June.

Ariana Grande, in her first public comment since the split, suggested the two are still on good terms. Many around the singer say she’s been struggling in the days since the passing of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, and blamed his death on the recent breakup between Pete Davidson and Grande.

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Written by Frank White

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