Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes Are Coming To A Grocery Store Near You

Lucky Charms? They’re pretty good. Frosted Flakes? They’re pretty good, too. And what do you do when you have two good things? You combine them into one great thing!

At least, that’s the thought process at General Mills, who are planning on combing the two cereals.

That’s the word from Cerealously who says the Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes are likely to hit grocery store’s in 2018.

It’s a calculated risk by Lucky Charms to ditch their iconic crispy oats—to anyone over the age of 14, the oats are just as appealing as the marshmallows, since after puberty, eating a swirling bowl of sweet iridescent marshmallows becomes more of a queasy than easy endeavor. And it’s even more risky to incur the wrath of Tony the Tiger. Though the GRRRanulated jungle cat doesn’t have exclusive rights to the phrase “Frosted Flakes,” his “…with Marshmallows” cereal is so similar to this that we might soon be seeing a breakfast aisle cat-fight.

I’ll have to assume this will go over pretty well, as most would likely prefer the Frosted Flakes in comparison to oat pieces found in Lucky Charms.

Not that Tony the Tiger will ever know about it, because apparently, he’s not good enough to make the box cover with that little, irritating leprechaun bastard.

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Written by Frank White

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