Popeye’s Chicken Creates 12-Hour Drive Thru Nobody Will Use

What would you say to me if I told you that you can now order your fast food 12 hours in advance? But to do so, you have to be in the middle of nowhere. Seems like a rather silly idea, right? Well, it’s one Popeye’s recently unveiled as they recently installed a standalone menu board along Interstate 10 outside of Fort Stockton, Texas. That it’s. No Popeye’s fast food restaurant. No anything.

So how do you get your food, you ask?

Well, you need to drive TWELVE HOURS to Popeye’s flagship store on Canal Street in New Orleans, Louisiana, where your order will be ready (assuming you give them a head’s up you’re within a few miles before arriving).

The whole point of Popeye’s 12-hour drive-thru is to promote their 12-hour marinating process and it certainly has people talking,which I guess is the point. As to the actual usability though, we’d be shocked if this stays operational for more than a few weeks at most.

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Written by Frank White

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