Ashley Alexiss Joins Guy Hut As Contributor

You might have seen Ashley Alexiss on Oxygen’s hit TV show ‘Fix My Mom’. Perhaps you’ve seen the Massachusetts native dropping jaws at Spencer’s while modeling your girlfriend’s favorite lingerie. Or maybe you’ve seen our favorite New England Patriots fan providing business advice to Entrepreneur Magazine. Either way, you know Ashley Alexiss and now she can also be found here at Guy Hut.

The business administration and marketing graduate, model, reality TV personality and CEO of Alexiss Swimwear has agreed to join us here on the site where she’ll be authoring her own column while we drool uncontrollably like the blubbering idiots that we are.

From football chatter to upcoming swimsuit releases and much more, Ashley will be providing her views, opinions and advice on a range of topics – something you certainly don’t want to miss out on given her sweetheart personality and infectious sense of humor.

For now, make sure to check out Ashley’s social media accounts and don’t forget to check back soon for updates to her upcoming Guy Hut column.

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Written by Frank White

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