Ashley White AKA Ashlee Vegas And Her Melons (Photo)

Ashley White

Ah, yes, the lovely and beautiful Ashley White, also known as Ashlee Vegas.

We’ve covered the Las Vegas native here on Guy Hut (here and here) before and it’s easy to see why. Now she’s back for a third time, this time in the kitchen.

Why in the kitchen, you ask? Because we love her melons. No seriously, the real ones. Well, a coconut. But it’s close enough.

Ashley decided to take a few pictures from her perspective as she cut up some fruit, which is quite the view.

Amazing as that picture is, it’s just one of many that you can find of the jaw dropping model who is quickly becoming not only a favorite of ours here at Guy Hut but on the internet in general. If this is your first time being introduced to Ashley, consider yourself lucky as not only is she easy on the eyes, but she’s beyond sweet and loves her video games. In other words, she’s perfect. Don’t believe me? Enjoy her playing Zelda:

She’s also pretty amazing in the kitchen as we can see from the picture above. I’m not sure if she can cook, but I’m pretty sure she could give me some cold Spaghettios and I’d be more than happy if that was the view I got to see.

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Written by Frank White

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