Madison Ivy Returns: Healthy After Near Death Car Accident

Over a year ago, Madison Ivy was involved in a horrific car accident in which doctors gave her an 8 percent chance to live. Actually, less than an eight percent chance to live.

Multiple surgeries later and countless hours of strenuous rehab, Madison Ivy has returned and beaten the odds.

After a near year hiatus on social media, Ivy made her first appearance on Twitter and Instagram where she documented the incredible odds.

Ivy took some time to enjoy life, while resting in Hawaii, posting a photo of herself soaking in the sun while laying on the beach.

Our favorite San Francisco 49ers fan is back to her fun loving, energetic ways and we couldn’t be happier for her.

As for her porn career, what’s next is unknown. Perhaps we might see her back in movies down the road, perhaps not. I’m sure Brazzers, Bang Bros and Reality Kings are already knocking on the door.

We’re just glad she’s healthy and feeling better.


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Written by Frank White

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