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Credit: Tristan Mantis
Credit: Tristan Mantis

From the covers of Maxim to Playboy, Michele Chevere continues to heat up the web thanks to her bubbly personality and jaw dropping looks. Let’s get to know the LA-based centerfold in her Guy Hut interview below:

Tell us some of your current guilty pleasures in music, TV, movies, video games and/or books. What are you watching/reading/playing/listening to at the moment?

I love music and books! I’ve loved reading and listening to music ever since I was a child. Deep house, house/dance/trap, r&b and hip-hop are what I’m currently listening to! I also love hard rock while at the gym. James Patterson is my favorite author and some recent books I’ve read of his are “Crazy House” and “Humans Bow Down” which are both set in the future and how drastically it’s changed. His novels really capture a readers undivided attention!

What song in your playlist is the most embarrassing to admit?

I don’t have any embarrassing songs, I really love all my music. I do have oldies like Troop “All I Do Is Think Of You” which came out before I was even born though

Do you have any favorite sports teams and/or players?

I live in LA so I love the Lakers!

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be and why?

I would definitely be Emma Frost from the Marvel comics because she’s super sexy and has a very interesting and relatable superpower- she can read your mind and then control it.

If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, to dinner, who would they be?

I would invite Paul McCartney so he could play music and be the life of the party, Leonardo Da Vinci so he can handcraft Paul an amazing guitar-then paint our dinner so I can later hang as a masterpiece in the dining room as a memory, and Goerge Cukor so he could eventually direct another classic movie using our dinner as a fresh inspiration.

Name one place on your travel bucket list? Where do you want to go that you’ve yet to visit?

Going horse back riding on the beaches of New Zealand would be a dream!

Any special hidden talents?

My special hidden talent is fidget spinning

A genie grants you three wishes – what are you asking for?

I would ask for a ranch in New Zealand with horses, to bring world peace indefinitely, and to cure global illnesses

What is the best and worst thing about modelling?

The best thing about modeling is evolving into different characters and outfits. It’s almost like you have to morph yourself into whatever you’re shooting, it’s a great creative outlet! I can’t really say there’s a bad aspect. You deal with negative things in everyday life so you just have to learn to be proactive and overcome your obstacles.

What is your proudest accomplishment thus far in your career?

My proudest accomplishment is being on the cover of Maxim and Playboy. I still have so many things I’d like to accomplish and I know with hard work, patience, and discipline I can achieve my goals!

What is your best physical attribute and what is your best personality attribute?

I’d say my best physical attribute are my eyes. They change colors very often and range from light blue to dark grey. I’m a very caring person and like to help people (without being taken advantage of), so I would say that’s my best personal attribute

Who are your celebrity crushes, male or female?

I love Hailey Baldwin, she’s just super gorgeous and has a unique and natural look which is very refreshing to see!

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