Cardi B Disses Nicki Minaj And Says She Is The Queen Of Rap

There isn’t a flame hotter in music right now than Cardi B. And it’s been said that one needs to strike with the iron is hot, so apparently that’s what Cardi B – fresh off her first GRAMMY win – is attempting to do.

And how is she doing it, you ask? By going for the crown, specifically Nicki Minaj.

While Minaj hasn’t actually said much about Cardi B, she’s been more than dropping obvious sub-tweets at Cardi who has apparently had enough of the backhands.

Safe to say we know who that was directed at.

Not going to lie – Cardi vs Nicki would not only make some fantastic music, but it would be great for rap who hasn’t seen a popular battle in quite some time.

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Written by Frank White

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