Rapper DMX Almost Dies From Overdose


Rapper DMX – who alongside Jay Z and Ja Rule was early 2000’s hip-hop nearly died on Monday evening due to a drug overdose.

That’s the word from TMZ, who says DMX was without a pulse and was not breathing when police showed up after a 9-1-1 call.

For what it’s worth, the rapper’s reps are saying the situation was not as dire as it’s being made out to be, but TMZ debunks that sentiment and says DMX almost died from the alleged overdose.

DMX was at death’s door Monday night, not breathing, without a pulse and the signs point to an overdose.

It’s a lot worse than the story DMX’s people were putting out … that he suffered an asthma attack.

Yonkers cops responded to a call about an unconscious male at a Ramada Inn just after 6 PM. We’re told when cops arrived DMX was on the ground in the parking lot next to a parked car. Cops quickly determined he was lifeless, not breathing with no pulse and immediately began CPR.

After a minute of CPR X’s pulse came back.

A witness on scene reportedly told cops they believe they saw DMX use a white powdery substance before becoming unconscious.

DMX is said to be in stable condition at this point.

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Written by Frank White

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