This Body Building Jennifer Lopez Doppelganger Is Freaking The Internet Out

Jennifer Lopez

When it comes to Jennifer Lopez doppelganger’s, I’ve always felt former Playboy model Jessica Burciaga was nearly a dead-ringer for the Bronx native. But it appears as if we have a new Jennifer Lopez doppelganger and she’s a body builder from Texas.

Meet Janice Garay, who has sent the internet into a tizzy with her strikingly identical looks to the “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” singer.

This isn’t the first time Janice Garay has went viral for her looks, as back in 2017, people started taking notice of the bodybuilding star, suggesting she looked alarmingly close to Alex Rodriguez’s girlfriend. But as things do on the internet, they’ve started to circle back around again and Garay has been forced yet again to inform everybody she’s not the real JLo, even though she looks the part.

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Written by Frank White

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