Rajon Rondo’s Girlfriend Attacks Chris Paul’s Wife After On-Court Fight

Just when you thought the Rajon RondoChris Paul fight couldn’t get any more outlandish, it does.

That’s because Rajon Rondo’s girlfriend allegedly attacked Chris Paul’s wife after the two basketball players got into a scuffle on-court during the Houston Rockets – Los Angeles Lakers game.

Things got heated between the two former All-Star’s after Paul alleged Rondo spit on him, something video evidence suggests to be true.

After a few punches were thrown, the two were separated but the drama didn’t end there.

That’s because the two ladies decided to continue the brawl…

What happened next or how serious the altercation between the two, remains unknown.

As for Chris Paul, he was fined and suspended by the NBA for two games. Rajon Rondo, also fined, was suspended for three longs while his Los Angeles Lakers teammate, Brandon Ingram was given the harshest suspension of 4 games as the NBA office deemed Ingram to be the largest instigator of the on-court brawl.

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Written by Frank White

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