Sienna West Married To Denver Broncos Doctor

Sienna West

Sure, the New England Patriots are known to have a lot of hot fans, but the Denver Broncos aren’t far behind either.

Part of that reasoning is because former adult starlet, Sienna West, is married to Chad Prusmack – one of the Denver Broncos team doctors.

West, who was one of the most popular ladies in the industry before she retired, is a huge Broncos fan and can be seen supporting both her husband and her favorite football on social media, much like she did this past weekend when they won the AFC Championship.

I doubt you need a refresher course, considering pretty much everybody knew who Sienna West was….but just in case.

Being a doctor? For the Denver Broncos? Sienna West as your wife? A Super Bowl in the works? Life is good for Dr. Chad.

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Written by Frank White

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