Dez Bryant Caught Using Burner Account

Dez Bryant

As The Dez Turns has seemingly taken another twist, as the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver has apparently been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Just days after the Pro Bowl talented blasted his former team on social media, it appears fans have figured out there is a Dez Bryant burner account among us.

Internet detectives noticed an oddity on Bryant’s Twitter account when he seemingly replied to his own tweet, agreeing with it. Of course, you’d have no need to do that if you didn’t have a second account, which he apparently forget to log in on.

Dez Bryant Trolls Dallas Cowboys After Season Opening Loss

Thus, the Dez Bryant burner account.

Bryant’s far from the only athelte to use or even be caught using a burner account, with Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors most famously getting caught using a secondary Twitter handle.

The former Dallas Cowboys star continues to wait in NFL free agency to sign with another team, though considering his social media antics, we have a feeling he might be waiting a while.

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Written by Frank White

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