ESPN’s Adam Schefter Trolled Internet Into Thinking Giants Traded Eli Manning

On Tuesday afternoon, ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter took to Twitter, announcing the New York Giants had made a trade involving their beloved Eli.

Given Schefter’s near perfect track record and the fact quarterback Eli Manning has been downright awful, the internet quickly reacted in hysteria, thinking Eli Manning had been traded.

There was only one epic problem with the teaser from Adam Schefter. Eli Manning wasn’t the only Eli on the Giants roster. No, the second Eli was none other than defensive back Eli Apple, who was on his way to the New Orleans Saints after being traded for a draft pick.

Schefter never made any type of remark or response after the troll job, but we’re pretty sure he and everybody at Bristol had a good laugh for the four minutes between the tweets.

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Written by Frank White

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