Mia Khalifa Calls Out Buffalo Bills Player For DMing Her

Mia Khalifa

When it comes to Mia Khalifa, there are two things you need to know.

First, she has a body of a goddess. Second? Don’t mess with her because she will put you on blast. That’s something Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams apparently missed the memo on because Mia Khalifa owned him on Sunday afternoon.

Williams attempted to slide into her DM’s on Twitter, which Mia Khalifa was having none of. Now, she could have just rejected him in private, but as she’s done so many times before, she put the thirsty dude on blast for all to see.

I’m not sure how this could have went much worse for Duke Williams as the Buffalo Bills player looks pretty silly after this, not so much for trying to holla at Mia Khalifa but the sales pitch wasn’t exactly top notch.

It’s also a word of warning for any other professional athlete who’s thinking of trying to hit on Mia Khalfia. In short, you shoudln’t do it. NFL players. MLB players. NBA players. Heck, tennis players. Whomever. If you don’t come correct, Mia’s going to shame you.

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Written by Frank White

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