NFL Rumors: New England Patriots Attempting Trade For Patrick Peterson

That rank stench in the air is none other than the desperation pouring out of the Arizona badlands, as the Cardinals continue to be one of the NFL’s worst franchises this season. It’s not something Pro Bowl defensive back Patrick Peterson wants to continue on with, as the defensive star recently requested a trade.

For what it’s worth, the Cardinals have all but come out and said they have zero plans to trade Patrick Peterson, but we’ve heard franchises make such a statement before, only for a deal to take place in a matter of days.

So will the Arizona Cardinals trade Patrick Peterson? And more importantly, to who?

One such source suggests the New England Patriots as a potential destination. That source? Peterson’s cousin, who took to Twitter where he stated the Pats, Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints are among those interested.

Of course, the Saints just traded for Eli Apple of the New York Giants, so you can probably scratch them off the list.

The Patriots have become somewhat of a nursing home for disgruntled/fallen off stars, only to find a rebirth in Foxboro, so you have to assume the rest of the NFL is probably a little concerned with the idea of Patrick Peterson heading East.

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Written by Frank White

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