This Is Why Dallas Cowboys Traded 1st Round Pick For Amari Cooper

Dallas Cowboys

When it was announced the Dallas Cowboys had traded a 2019 1st round draft pick to the Oakland Raiders in exchange for wide receiver Amari Cooper, the internet was none too kind to Jerry Jones and company for the deemed overpay.

And while the value of Cooper in regards to the pick remains to be seen, there’s a reason as to why the Cowboys paid the vaulted price.

According to Michael Silver, Cowboys nemesis and NFC East divisional foe, the Philadelphia Eagles also had their eyes set on the Oakland Raiders wideout and were willing to offer a second-round pick in exchange for Cooper. That lead to the Dallas Cowboys upping their offer to beat Philly.

Some might suggest the Cowboys should have added additional compensation in addition to a second round selection, but it appears as if Jones and company didn’t feel the risk was worth taking as losing Amari Cooper to one of your biggest rivals would have been a hard pill to swallow.

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Written by Frank White

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