Mia Khalifa Calls Out Penguins Player On Twitter

Mia Khalifa

One of the best social media follows you’ll ever have is Mia Khalifa. Not only is she easy on the eyes, she’s a huge sports fan who’s not afraid to get her knuckles a little dirty – especially when it comes to players/athletes she’s not a fan of. Case in point, here we have a Twitter fight between Mia and Tom Sestito of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Or at least occasionally from the Penguins.

It all started with Mia Khalifa – a huge Washington Capitals fan – poking fun at Sidney Crosby. That lead to Sestito chiming in and the two went back and forth with hilarious insults.

mia khalifa NHL twitter fight

Hilariously enough, that’s just a small sample size of the trash talk.

Understandably, most declared Mia the winner – though I think the real winner was everybody who watched that hilarious exchange.

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Written by Frank White

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