Ric Flair: LeBron James Calls Me ‘Inventor Of Swag’

Ric Flair

Watch any professional sporting event and you’ll see athletes unleashing some serious swag on the court/field. But where did it all come from? Slick Ric – Ric Flair, of course.

At least, that’s the view of NBA superstar LeBron James who says WWE legend Ric Flair was the ‘inventor of swag’.

That’s the word from the wrestling icon himself so says King James gave him the nickname.

Flair was out in NYC with his daughter WWE Divas Champion Charlotte (he’s super proud of her accomplishments btw) — when we asked if there was one celeb he’d consider a pro wrestling superfan.

The answer — LeBron!!

Flair says James has been a huge fan for decades and once gave him one of the best compliments he’s EVER received!

Pretty hard to deny.

Sure, there were a few athletes before Ric Flair who were dripping in swag, rocking the mink coats before New York Jets games (yes, I’m looking at you Joe) but in terms of the modern day athlete? Hard to think it wasn’t the Rolex wearing, diamond ring wearing, kiss stealing, [WHOO!] wheelin dealin’, limosuine riding, jet flying son of a gun and who is having a hard time holding those alligators down.


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Written by Frank White

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