Internet Loses Their Mind After Woman Shaves Leg In Public Pool

Let me see. If I carry the zero, multiply it by none and divide by nothing, I’ll get the amount of times I’ve went swimming in a public pool.

I mean sure, the water is saturated in cleaning chemicals, but frankly I just don’t feel like getting a mouth full of toilet water – disinfected or not.

And I certainly don’t feel like chugging down a bunch of fuzz from somebody who opted to shave their legs at said public swimming pool.

That’s exactly what went down in Florida recently, after a Reddit user posted a video of a woman sitting on the steps, razor in hand, shaving her legs while children swam right next to her.

‘Scuse me while I hurl.

Lady shaves legs in hotel pool from r/trashy

As if the situation wasn’t crazy enough, the woman was reportedly at a hotel pool…so…she could have…you know…shaved her legs…in her hotel room!?

And next time you think about taking a dip in a public pool? Just remember this comment on the video from Reddit:

I used to life guard at a YMCA and saw poop, puke, and a dude bust’n a nut watching an aerobics class so figured I’ve seen it all until this video.

If public pools have taught me anything, it’s that people are disgusting animals.

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Written by Frank White

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