Nose Warmers Are The Internet’s Newest Trend

The internet is full of dumb trends, though, the newest might be the most silly of them all.

That’s because Mashable says the newest internet trend are nose warmers. Yes, you read that correctly.

Made out of yarn, the fabric wraps around your ears and provides what the makers deem to be a ‘snuggly’ cat toy that you can wear in effort to keep the tip of your nose warm.

Per Mashable:

This ridiculous winter accessory by the Nose Warmer Company is essentially a knitted pouch made specifically to keep your nose nice and toasty. Surprisingly, this company also isn’t the only one to create this kind of product either. Aunty Marty, an Etsy store that makes animal-themed nose warmers, has also been a part of this trend since 2008.

If only we had examples of some people wearing the nose warmers.

Oh, we do?!!?


Looks like I know what I’m getting everybody for their stocking stuffer’s this year!

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Written by Frank White

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