Hot Teachers Have Nine-Hour Threesome With Student

Another day, another hot teacher arrested for boinking a student. Or in this case, two teachers. Meet Shelley Dufresne, who a few years ago was busted for having a nine-hour (yes, you read that correctly) romp with a student and another teacher.

It all went down at a sleep-over, according to the parents of the student who are now suing Dufresne.

The suit brings forward new details that hadn’t previously disclosed, including allegations that the ‘sleep-over’ went on over the course of 9 hours (starting 9pm and ending 6am) and that the unnamed youth had before the ‘sleepover’ taken place slept with the youth no less than 40 times in 36 days.(via)

Holy moly. 40 times in 36 days? That’s about 39 times more than your average married couple.

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According to the suit, on the night of the special sleepover, the local football team had won and it was Dufresne’s birthday, with a second teacher, Respess suggesting that the trio go to her apartment to ‘celebrate’.

Instead of telling school officials after discovering of her fellow school teacher, Dufresne’s extra-curricular activities, the suit claims, Respess also wanted in and proceeded that Friday evening to seduce the victim.

The suit also tells of Dufresene then ‘beginning to intimately kiss’ Respess, ‘in an attempt to arouse all parties involved,’ which of course is exactly what happened, according to the youth.

It wasn’t until the teen started ‘bragging’ about the incident that the teachers were questioned and then arrested.

I clearly attended the wrong high school.

On the plus side, at least those teachers won’t be out of work for too long:

Teacher Takes Job As Stripper After Being Fired For Sex With Student

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Written by Frank White

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