The Britt McHenry And Mia Khalifa Twitter Fight Is Kind Of Epic

Welp, it looks like the on-again, off-again feud between former sports reporter turned political pundit Britt McHenry and social media starlet Mia Khalifa is getting hot again.

It’s no secret the two big sports fans, who both root for the Stanley Cup bound Washington Capitals, don’t care for each other.

Both have done their fair share of mud slinging over the past few months, with McHenry firing the most recent shot.

It came after the Capitals defeated the Tampa Bay Lighting in Game 7 of the NHL’s Eastern Conference Finals.

Somebody on Twitter tweeted to both Britt McHenry and Mia Khalifa at the same time, suggesting their long-standing hockey nightmares were over.

The former ESPN reporter was quick to point out she and Mia are nothing alike, in her mind.

It appears as if the tweet was deleted before Mia Khalifa could unleash one of her typical scorched earth rebuttals. Sad. I was kind of wanting to see that.

Oh well, somebody go get the inflatable pool and lets end this once and for all in some jello or pudding. Ladies choice, of course.

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Written by Frank White

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