Mia Khalifa And Lisa Ann Have Epic Twitter Fight Over Sliding In The DM’s

It’s no secret that former porn star Mia Khalifa enjoys exposing athletes who dare muster the guts to slide in her DM’s. Don’t believe me? Here’s about 10 athletes who Mia Khalifa has put on blast for trying to get in her direct message box.

But things took an ironic turn on Monday afternoon when Mia Khalifa was caught trying to slide in the DM’s of former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas.

The DC sports fan was quick to laugh it off, but fellow former porn star Lisa Ann didn’t find it so funny.

In fact, the two ended up in a Twitter fight (or perhaps a one-sided argument) which social media ate up like a Thanksgiving meal.

This isn’t the first time Lisa Ann or Mia Khalifa has pissed off a fellow starlet via social media, though it does appear to be the first time they’ve went at each other.

As for the winner? I don’t think we’ll have a determination on that until there is an inflatable pool and Jello involved.

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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