10 Athletes Mia Khalifa Has Put On Blast For Sliding In The DM’s

Mia Khalifa

After Florida State pulled the rug out from under Ole Miss this past weekend, Mia Khalifa decided she would put OM quarterback Chad Kelly on blast for sliding in the DM’s – or at least attempting to do so.

Of course, he wasn’t the first athlete to be called out by the former porn star who apparently gets a kick out of doing so.

We’re not going to lie – so do we.

So let’s run down a list of professional athletes who’ve been put on blast by Mia Khalifa…

  1. We’ll start with Chad Kelly, whom was mentioned above.
  2. Perhaps the most famous attempt was that of Duke Williams, who at the time was allegedly dating Porsha Williams of ‘Housewives of Atlanta’.
  3. Next comes Eric Ebron, tight end of the Detroit Lions. If fairness to Ebron, he went full on public rather than DM sliding.
  4. It’s not all about trying to get in the virtual pants, either, as a Pittsburgh Penguins player and Mia got into it over a hockey game.
  5. Nothing like an NFL reporter flirting with the former porn star
  6. Or a former Pro Bowl quarterback who REALLY likes him some Mia Khalifa.

Of course, it’s not all about the athletes who’ve tried to slide in DM’s because Mia herself has suggested she’d like to do so a few times as well. Case in point, Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury.

Mia isn’t the only young lady who has had problems with thirsty athletes either, as Jenna Shea documented guys like Daunte Culpepper and Derrick Ward while fitness model Jen Selter has to deal with NHL superstars like Evander Kane trying to get the bootay.

At least it wasn’t LeBron James trying to slide in some DM’s…

Oh wait.

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Written by Frank White

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