Jenna Shea Calls Out NFL Player For Sliding In Her DM’s

Another day, another professional athlete trying to slide into the DM’s of a hot woman. Case in point, here we have a retired NFL player doing his best to slide in Jenna Shea’s DM’s.

Only problem for him? Things didn’t go so well.

Ward, a running back who spent parts of eight seasons between the New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Houston Texans decided to hit up Jenna Shea and things quickly went south after she called him out on Twitter.

I don’t know what was honestly going on here nor do I really care, but it’s always mildly amusing when this type of things goes down on social media.

As you might recall, this phenomenon all started a few months back when a Buffalo Bills player was exposed trying to slide into the DM’s of Mia Khalifa. Since that time, it’s just one dude after the next who can’t stay away from his keyboard.

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Written by Frank White

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