NFL Reporter Flirts With Mia Khalifa On Twitter

Mia Khalifa

Man, Mia Khalifa just brings all the boys to the yard, does she not? Just a few months after calling out an NFL player for trying to slide in her DM’s, now we have an NFL reporter hitting on the former adult starlet.

Mia, who is quite the sports fan and a native of the Maryland area routinely talks about her love of all things B-More. So what better way than for NFL reporter Jason La Canfora to pull a Yo Gotti?

Barstool has the Twitter exchange:

mia nfl reporter 1

mia nfl reporter 2

In fairness to Jason, he wasn’t doing anything more than being a nice guy, but between this and calling out Ian Rapoport the other day, he’s quickly become our favorite NFL reporter.

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Written by Frank White

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