Mia Khalifa Wants To Slide In DM’s Of Kliff Kingsbury

Mia Khalifa

Apparently the Mia Khalifa retired news isn’t the only headline the former porn star is making this week. That’s because Mia Khalifa wants to slide in the DM’s of Aggies coach Kliff Kingsbury.

Of course, it was all tongue-in-cheek on the part of Khalifa, who routinely has to fight off professional athletes from sliding in her DM’s as we’ve seen here and here.


Mia is just one of many ladies who’ve all but thrown their internet panties at the Texas Teach coach, who is often compared to actor Ryan Gosling.

Granted, the chances of Kingsbury taking up any of these offers is slim to none, though I’d venture to guess Mia has the best chance of them all.

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Written by Frank White

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