Mia Khalfia Destroys Another NFL Player Sliding In The DM’s

Remember when Mia Khalifa destroyed an NFL player for trying to slide in her DM’s? Well, it looks like there’s another in the body count.

First it was Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams (apparently the Bills have a habit of trying to do this) who got obliterated. Now it was Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron who felt the wrath.

Perhaps Mia Khalifa was simply having fun with the NFL player and wasn’t really shaming him, but that didn’t make it any less funny.

Mia is quite the savage on social media and obliterates anybody and everything in her path, if she so chooses to do so. Heck, just last week she was going in on Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers after news broke that his girlfriend cheated on him.

Of course, everybody got their panties in a bunch and Mia stopped with the fantastic troll job on the Cavs star (pretty sure LeBron James was quietly laughing as he scrolled through Twitter).

Alas, seems as if Eric got a little of the leftovers though.

Pretty sure he found another date to the College Basketball Championship game between North Carolina (Mia isn’t a big Tarheel’s fan, btw) and Villanova, but seems as if his first choice was off the table.

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Written by Frank White

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