Mia Khalifa Trolls Kyrie Irving Over Cheating Girlfriend

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, by now you’re well aware that Kyrie Irving‘s girlfriend was caught cheating on him via Instagram. If only those new Instagram rules started today and not tomorrow, eh?

Regardless, that lead Mia Khalifa to go all savage on LeBron James‘ least favorite Cleveland Cavaliers teammate with the hilarious tweet below.

Taking a page from the ESPN inspired commercials featuring Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski in which he has his son text some of his former players currently in the NBA, Mia Khalifa came up with this gem:

It'll be alright, fam ✊?

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There isn’t enough savage in the world to handle that.

I’m guessing Kyrie Irving will never see that tweet, but man, even he’d have to give some props on it.

This of course isn’t the first time we’ve seen Mia Khalifa trolling professional athletes – this when she’s not roasting them for trying to slide in her DM’s.

All that said, this is probably the most savage thing you’re going to see all day.

Sorry Kyrie – she got you.

And look, she even sorta apologized for it:

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Written by Frank White

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