NFL Star Rejected Trying To Slide Into Kaley Kade DM’s

Anthony Dixon

Just a few days after Mia Khalifa put Buffalo Bills safety Duke Williams on blast for trying to hit on her via DM’s on Twitter, it appears it’s happened again.

Even more hilarious? It’s from the same team.

That’s because Buffalo Bills running back Anthony Dixon, formerly of the San Francisco 49ers, attempted to slide into the DM’s of Kaley Kade. Apparently Kade was having none of it though, as she noted on social media, posting the one-sided conversation to her Twitter page for all to see.

Ouch. Somebody get some aloe for that burn.

Anthony ‘Boobie’ Dixon has yet to make any type of public comment, unlike Williams who attempted to (poorly) defend himself over the Mia Khalifa situation.

I mean, it’s not like we can blame Dixon or Williams as they’re just doing things many others would do if in their shoes, but you have to at least have some sense that something will go down before you throw it all out there, right?! I mean, you’re just asking to get exposed.

Perhaps they should stick to Instagram.

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Written by Frank White

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