Donovan McNabb Is Big Mia Khalifa Fan

Mia Khalifa

Well, it appears as if Duke Williams isn’t the only NFL player (or in this case, former NFL player) who enjoys himself some Mia Khalifa.

That’s because former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb also likes him some Mia Khalifa.

How do we know? Well, because the signal caller turned TMZ star tweeted out his love for Mia Khalifa.

Not shockingly, the former football player says he was hacked:


This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Donovan McNabb in the news for some oddity in recent weeks and with the way things are going, I’m uncertain if it will be the last.

Either way, there’s certainly nothing wrong with his choice in ladies as Mia Khalifa is quite popular not only around the NFL, but here at Guy Hut as well.

Plus how could you not thoroughly enjoy putting a Buffalo Bills player on blast a few weeks ago for trying to slide into her DM’s?

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Written by Frank White

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