Mia Khalifa Exposes Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly For Sliding In DM’s

Mia Khalifa and fellow Seminoles fans were not very happy after their first half against Ole Miss, but thanks to a 30-0 run that changed quickly. And if blowing such a lead against Florida State wasn’t heartbreaking enough for Ole Miss, their quarterback, Chad Kelly didn’t just have a bad game on the field. He had one off, all thanks to Mia Khalifa who exposed the signal caller for sliding in her DM’s.

(and in case that goes down)

Burn baby burn, like disco inferno.

This of course isn’t the first time that Mia has put an athlete on blast for trying to creep on the come’up. Perhaps the most famous was when the former porn star called out a Buffalo Bills star for trying to get the panties.

Of course, that’s just one of many times including others where famed NFL reporters attempted to shoot their shot.

Have to wonder though, is Donovan McNabb still trying to slide in the DM’s?

Probably not the last time Chad Kelly tries to score via a DM, though, he likely won’t be hitting up Mia in the near future.

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Written by Frank White

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