Buffalo Bills Player RIPS Fans, Rex Ryan; Claims He Was Hacked

Another day, another professional athlete claiming he was hacked. This time, it’s Buffalo Bills lineman Marcell Dareus who allegedly ripped head coach Rex Ryan, the NFL franchise and Buffalo Bills fans in one scathing Instagram post.

Of course, not long after the post went public, Dareus claimed he fell victim to a hacking.

The Instagram post was soon deleted but read the following:

Fuck the @Buffalobills I love weed. I Smoke it during the off season. Fuck Rex Ryan your the worst coach the bills have ever had. @buffalobills fuck #buffalomafia I got paid and didn’t really play. Fuck the @Nfl for accusing me and taking my money. Fuck the fans and your kids. Kim fuck you dumb cunt. @buffalobills I resign. I don’t wanna play no more. Thanks for the 60 mill #Forbes still. I’m with @gq

In a way, that does seem a little over the top and could possibly be the job of a hacker. Still, who are you giving your password to, bruh?

Of course, this is the most news to hit the football franchise since one of their players tried to slide in the DM’s of porn star Mia Khalifa. So, hey, some news is better than no news?

Frank White

Written by Frank White

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