Madison Ivy Update Provides Good News

Madison Ivy update: The star gives a medical update from her hospitalization which resulted in an extended hospital stay.

By now you’ve probably heard that Madison Ivy was involved in a accident last month. If you happened to miss news regarding the Madison Ivy collision, you might want to check it out.

Thankfully there is some good news to report regarding a Madison Ivy update as the beautiful brunette is finally able to sit up on her own after the incident.

According to the pint-sized Madison Ivy who hardly clips the five-foot scale, she’s been through three surgeries and still has one to go though there’s obvious and positive progress which has all involved smiling.

Clad in a yellow hospital gown and looking stunning as ever, the model posted her picture along with the medical update – her first Instagram photo since announcing the incident.

It’s nice to see Madison Ivy taking the whole incident in stride with her #LifeAintSoBad hashtag considering how serious the incident was.

Thankfully it appears as if she’s on the road to recovery and hopefully the big sports fan will be able to get home in the relatively near future. We’re certainly keeping her in our thoughts.

Second Update:

Ivy said she was going under additional surgeries after Christmas.

Update: After many surgeries and a year hiatus, Madison Ivy is BACK

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